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  • Times & Dates Automatically Calculated & Explained
  • Chabad, Ashkenazic & Sefardic Customs
  • Email & SMS Reminders
  • Ask the Rabbi
  • Estimated Ovulation Reminder
  • Print friendly format for personal records
  • Traveling to Cities in Different Time Zones
  • International Travel
  • Daylight Savings Time
  • Leap years
  • Mikvah night falls on an Anticipated Flow
  • Mikvah night falls on Yom Kippur or Tish’a B’av
  • A woman who had a successful Hefsek Tahara but then an unsuccessful Internal Examination
  • Birth/Miscarriages
  • English, Hebrew, French, Spanish
  • Rabbinically, expertly approved and recommended
  • Membership as low as $22.00 per year
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