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Purpose: Early detection of breast cancer.
Average risk: Begin at age 40, annually.
Higher risk: Earlier or more frequent screenings.
Pain: Discomfort is brief and tolerable.
Radiation: Minimal exposure; benefits outweigh risks.
False-positives: Uncommon, thorough evaluation follows.
Risk increases with age
Prevention: Screening tool, not preventive measure.

Pap Smears:

Purpose: Detect abnormal cervical cell changes.
Ages 21-29: Every three years.
Ages 30-65: Pap smear with HPV testing every five years (preferred).
Ages 65+: Consider discontinuation with a history of regular screenings.
Importance: Early detection for timely intervention.
Indications: Regular screening crucial for cervical health.

Screening Colonoscopies:

Purpose: Early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer.
Average risk: Begin at age 45.
Earlier for family history or genetic conditions.
Procedure: Colonoscopy every 10 years; alternatives available.
Additional Considerations: Various screening options based on preferences.

BRCA Gene Testing:

Purpose: Identify increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.
Family history, especially at a young age.
Certain populations, e.g., Ashkenazi Jewish descent.
Personal history of breast or ovarian cancer.
Accuracy: Highly accurate in detecting BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations.
Utilization: Guides personalized prevention and treatment plans.
Ovarian-Uterine Surveillance: Indications: Increased risk due to family history, genetic mutations, or personal history.
Surveillance Tests: Transvaginal ultrasound and CA-125 blood test.
Purpose: Early detection and monitoring for ovarian or uterine cancer.

Compiled by JOWMA

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