Our Team

Life is complicated. Mikvah observance shouldn’t be.

Mikvah observance lies at the core of Jewish family life. Jewish tradition teaches that there are three partners in a marriage: the husband, the wife, and G-d.

Observing the laws of family purity gives a couple the opportunities to bring holiness and sanctity into their marriage and welcome G-d into their home. MikvahCalendar.com makes it simpler than ever before to keep the detailed laws of family purity with confidence and ease.

As you enter, we hope that you will begin to experience the tranquility and holiness that characterize performance of the mitzvah of Mikvah. We are privileged to be by your side as you anticipate the spiritual rejuvenation and intimacy that each Mikvah cycle brings. May divine blessings of spiritual and material well-being continue to rain down and permeate your marriage and your home.

Rebbetzin Rivkah Bloom
Project Lead
Rivkah Bloom earned her Bachelors of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and her Masters of Computer Science from MIT. She was a research assistant at the Laboratory for Computer Science at MIT where she wrote her thesis on ad-hoc mobile routing. When she is not working on MikvahCalendar.com, she is usually found playing soccer, making muffins, and exploring the world with her energetic boys.
Website design & development, Calendar page design
A creative studio that crafts unique digital experiences. Focused on a bespoke web/graphic design and creative development that help businesses to stand out. They did web design and development for the Mikvah Calendar website and UX/UI design for the Calendar page.
Software Development Lead
Our software specialist will remain anonymous for now. He is also an MIT alumnus and just completed a PhD in Computer Science from Yale University.
Nathalie Loewenberg
Nathalie Loewenberg has been part of the team since 2010 when she decided MikvahCalendar.com should be available to French speakers and translated it. She since responds to the English, French, and Hebrew emails. Nathalie is also a Nishmat Yoetzet Halacha and is responsible for its French division. She lives in a very small village in the Jordan Valley, Israel.