Frequently Asked Questions

What if it is common for me to miss a period every few months-can I still use this program?

Definitely! will calculate correctly regardless of the frequency of your periods.

I had a birth or miscarriage. How do I enter this information into the calendar?

When you enter a new flow immediately following your birth/miscarraige, you are able to indicate a birth by checking the box, “A birth has occurred since my last flow.” will use this information to ensure proper calculations of anticipated flows.

Do I have to wait the same 5 day minimum for spotting before doing a Hefsek Tahara as I would with my regular period?

If you are currently not in a Niddah state, the four or five minimum day waiting period before performing the Hefsek Tahara is necessary even when the cause of Niddah is spotting. If you are currently in the 7 White days, no waiting is required. In this case, you can make your Hefsek Taharah immediately.

Do I always have to wait a minimum number of days before making a Hefsek Tahara?

No. If you have already been in niddah for 5 days (for example your flow starts during your 7 White Days), you can try and perform a Hefsek Tahara as soon as possible. automatically calculates your earliest Hefsek Tahara date using this information.

My Rav told me that my special circumstances warrant that I need not wait the standard minimum time before I am able to make my Hefsek Tahara. How can I indicate this to

Your calendar page contains a central pink instruction box. After you have entered your “start of flow”, you will see a button appear in this pink box which says, “To enter an earlier Hefsek, click here”. You can click on this button and your minimum wait time will be removed.

What if I forget to document one month in my calendar?

You can always record your dates at a later time as long as all dates are entered in chronological order. (Although you should make every effort to record them on time so as to be aware of upcoming important dates.)

I entered the wrong date or time. How can I change it?

Click the “X” in the upper right corner of the date to delete the most recent flow or hefsek. You may then enter the correct date and time.

If I change medication or am under stress and it affects the timing of my period, how does this effect my cycle?

You would still continue to use as normal. If you have any concerns, you should speak to your Rav.

Why and when is “Custom location by latitude/longitude” relevant to me?

We have made every effort to list in the drop down box most major cities. However, if your city is not there-you can input its latitude and longitude so that can automatically calculate all of your important times. You can find your latitude and longitude by typing “latitude longitude” and your city’s name into We will use this information, together with the time zone that you choose to calculate all of your relevant times.

What if I travel across the International Date Line?

If you travel across the International Date Line, you should ask a Rabbi to find out how that might affect your important dates.

How do I save my Calendar and information?

Your information is automatically saved every time you enter new information!

Confidentiality is a concern for me. Is there anyone I can email or call if I have any further questions?

Rabbi Fishel Jacobs would be happy to answer your questions. He displays extreme sensitivity and patience in all cases. He can be reached at Everything is completely confidential. has a confidential hotline staffed by women who are experts in the laws pertaining to Family Purity.

You can access their number at: You can also email them at:

Machon Puah is an organization which provides counseling, referrals and support, free-of-charge, to all those seeking professional help for infertility. Puah has a confidential Taharat Hamishpacha hotline to aid couples that need immediate answers.  Machon Puah’s phone number is: 805-391-7824 or 02.651.5050. You can also email them at:

And of course, you can always call your community Rabbi or Rebbetzin.

After I have completed my calendar for the month, what should I do?

Just wait for your important dates and times to be emailed and/or texted to you!

How accurate is the estimated ovulation calculation?

Most women ovulate 14 days before they get their next period. The calculation shown on your calendar will be more accurate for women with regular periods. Most OBGYNs recommend using a calendar in conjunction with other tests for ovulation to women trying to calculate the actual day of ovulation. For exact ovulation date, an ultrasound and blood test is required. We have calculated your estimated ovulation if your periods are at least 18 days apart.

How can I help other women keep this beautiful mitzvah of Mikvah?

There is a special fund set up called “Purity with Dignity” which covers the cost of the monthly Mikvah visit and a free box of Bedika cloth for any Jewish woman who is unable to do so herself. You can help a Jewish woman cover the cost of immersing in the mikvah by following this link.

Does calculate every type of pattern in my cycle?

Please be advised that tracks the basic vestos and typical Kavuah patterns. Some women may develop other complex and atypical patterns in their cycle. These patterns may not be tracked by the app. If you suspect you have an atypical pattern or are on hormonal contraceptives and want further guidance, please speak to a Rav familiar with these laws.–

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