Get In Touch With Mikvah Specialists

Mikvah questions, Parenting, Infertility, Health Issues, Abuse, Unplanned Pregnancies, and More. Find Support Here.’s goal is to empower couples to live on a solid foundation of spiritual and physical health.
The following is a list of tremendous resources. Please call them as often as you like.


Machon Puah

The world-renowned PUAH Institute, under the guidance of Rabbi Menachem Burstein, provides counseling, referrals and support, free-of-charge, to all those seeking professional help in their journey of fertility. Their discreet and caring counselors possess a unique synthesis of pastoral wisdom and specialized training in modern reproductive medicine. Professional Puah supervisors certify the genetic integrity of fertility treatments worldwide.


A TIME provides information, resources, and assistance at every step of the road to parenthood.
They also have resources to help with adoption.
(718) 686-8912

Bonei Olam

Providing financial assistance and medical guidance for fertility treatment.
US: 718.373.2000
Israel: 1800-300-307

Gefen Fertility

Created to give emotional and wellness support to women undergoing fertility treatments in Israel.

Women’s Health and Fertility

Tahareinu Woman-to-Woman Hotline

Empowering Women with direct access to the most up to date medical information
in all areas of obstetric/gynecological health and fertility at every stage of life.
Prolonged bleeding? Recurrent miscarriages? Intimacy dysfunction? Give them a call.

Tahareinu – Homepage

Australia 03-8518-4131 | Belgium 03-808-4482 | Israel 0722-242424 | London 0203-150-1536 | Manchester 0161-381-0010 | Switzerland 022-518-2813 | US/Canada 855-482-4272

Women-to-Women Niddah Hotline

Yoatzot Halachah

Women trained by Nishmat, The Jeanie Schottenstein Center for Advanced Torah Study for Women, to be a resource for questions of Jewish law (Halacha) in the areas of Taharat Hamishpacha and women’s health. Yoatzot Halacha complete a rigorous two-year course of halachic and medical study and are certified by a panel of Orthodox rabbis.
US/Canada Toll-Free       Israel:
1-877-963-8938               02-640-4343


Pregnancy Loss Support

A-time Package: Esther Meuller +1 (914) 419-2307

Knafayim: Rochel Leah Grossman +1 (917) 691-5470

Nechama’s Comfort: Reva Judas +1 (201) 724-4093

Menuchas Hanefesh: Allana Garbman

Unplanned Pregnancy

In Shifra’s Arms is an organization which offers support to Jewish mothers with unplanned pregnancies.
Pregnant and Need Support?  Text the counselor on call: 646-632-8547 · Or Call the Helpline: 1-888-360-5872.

CRIB Efrat offers emotional support and practical assistance for women with unplanned pregnancies.
Phone (US) : 888-8EFRAT9
Phone (Israel) : 02-5454500
Email :

Mikvah Attendant Training

Eden Center

Educating, empowering and advocating for the needs and challenges of couples today by training community leaders such as mikveh attendants, health professionals, hatan and kallah teachers, rabbis and rabbi’s wives, teaching and inspiring women who immerse and the community-at-large and creating choices for women to define their own experience.

Mikvah Directories

In Israel:

Mental Health Resource List

Crisis Intervention

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

18002738255(Available 24 hours a day)


Supporting those in crisis on their journey back to normalcy through the pillars of kindness, support, sensitivity, understanding and respect.

Mental Health Support

Peer-led organization strengthening and empowering Jewish Women with Mental Health struggles.

Refuat Hanefesh
Resources and support groups for those affected by mental illness.

Relief Resources
Provides access to resources for those with Mental Illness via extensive referral service.
718-431-9501 x202

Renfrew Center
Support with Eating Disorders.

Comprehensive, integrated service for women suffering from Post partum Depression, PMS, PDD.

Family Loss

Links and Shliomi’s Club

Providing a ray of hope to thousands of children and teens coping with the loss of a parent. Shabbatons, trips, classes, clubs, and more.
718-305-6080 ext. 311

Support Group for the Orthodox Jewish Widow.
Meetings, trips, and Shabbatons.

Divorce and Abuse

Divorce Support and Aguna Advocacy


Advocates for agunot, early intervention in divorce process, emotional support.


Shalom Task Force

Provides education and support for those affected by domestic abuse.

Support for Children and Families

Chai Lifeline
Delivering joy and hope to children and families impacted by illness and crisis. – 877.CHAI LIFE –

Friendship Circle
Friendship Circle creates friendship in the lives of individuals with special needs and those facing isolation while providing an opportunity to become a contributing member of the community. Through our programming, Friendship Circle aims to promote an inclusive community that values all individuals regardless of the challenges they face. –718.713.3062


International organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Jewish individuals with disabilities and their families, by enhancing their communal participation and their connection to Judaism through social and educational programs and support services.

Support for parents of children with special needs. Offering valuable assistance in obtaining essential support.

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