Sophie’s Special Shabbos

Cost of this book goes entirely towards production and distribution. All additional proceeds will be donated to Chai Lifeline.

When a child is on a journey towards health, every aspect of daily life is impacted, including Jewish practice. A holiday or Shabbat that was once electronics-free and spent in the comfort of home may now include activities that were formally off-limits, such as driving a car to the hospital. It is challenging to explain to children, their siblings, and their peers why it is not only acceptable to celebrate Shabbat differently where illness is concerned… it is actually G-d’s intention.

Readers follow the experience of the vivacious Sophie, a child with pediatric cancer, through a description of her new normal. She explains ideas ranging from what chemotherapy is and how it impacts the way she feels, to why it is important to be careful of germs when kids are immunocompromised. Sophie celebrates a special Shabbat inclusive of utilizing a breathing machine, acquiring a fever, having a Shabbos party in the hospital, and recital of havdala with an electric candle.

This book leaves readers with the knowledge that whether a child has cancer or asthma, cystic fibrosis or spina bifida, each one is valued as an integral part of the world.

It’s an immensely powerful tale with a very clear message:

You are loved beyond measure.




This special book offers us a glimpse of the  Holy Shabbos and Yom Tov experience through the eyes of a child who  travels through  a medical journey. It is a much needed resource that can be used by both children and parents and shared with schools and community.
-Ellen Weiss
Chai Lifeline Southeast Regional Division

For bulk orders, please email us at Sophie@MikvahCalendar.com .

We have been inundated with interest. Please be patient as we ship your books! May Hashem bless us all with health and revealed good.


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Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × .3 in

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