Mikvah Preparation Checklist

To prepare for Mikvah Immersion, a woman cleans her body thoroughly and removes any foreign matter which would come between her body and the Mikvah waters. It is proper to start preparing for mikvah immersion shortly before sunset of her Mikvah night. Many women find it helpful to use a Mikvah Preparation Checklist just before immersion to ensure that they haven’t forgotten anything.

Jewelry /Contacts/ Makeup:

 Remove jewelry
 Remove contacts
 Remove makeup

Entire Body:

 Wash entire body with warm water & soap.
 Use of Bathtub is preferable. If not, shower suffices.
 Visually check for dirt and/or intervening substances.

All Hair on Body:

 Wash with shampoo or soap.
 Completely rinse




 Remove nail polish and/or false nails
 Clip or file fingernails & toenails
 Clean from dirt




 Blow and clean


 Gently soften scabs in water
 Remove if possible.


 Check bottoms for dirt

Prepared by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs.