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Bedikah Cloths

Bedikah Cloths are special white cloths used for examinations. They are used during your: Hefsek Tahara, Seven White Days, and Anticipated Flows

Soft Bedikah Cloths

2 Packs of 30 Bedikah Cloths


Super-Soft Bedikah Cloths

40 Bedikah Cloths


Gift Cards

MikvahCalendar.com gift cards are the perfect gift for any couple on-the-go. Especially useful for Kallahs, Newlyweds and those new to Mikvah observance.

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2 Year gift card


3 Year gift card

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Gift Cards-Wholesale

Perfect Fundraiser for your Mikvah or Shul.

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Free Beautiful Brochures. Perfect for your community's Mikvah display, Chattan and Kallah Teacher, Rabbi and Rebbetzin.

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