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Mikvah Calendar Overview

Shalom and welcome to MikvahCalendar.com, your Rabbinically approved personal guide to Taharat Hamishpacha observance. Mikvah observance lies at the core of Jewish family life. Jewish tradition teaches that there are three partners in a marriage: the husband, the wife, and G-d. Observing the laws of family purity gives a couple the opportunities to bring holiness and sanctity into their marriage and welcome G-d into their home. MikvahCalendar.com makes it simpler than ever before to keep the detailed laws of family purity with confidence and ease.

One major component of Family Purity is to anticipate the upcoming period and intimately separate at that time. The purpose is to avoid intimacy at a time when a woman may become ritually impure due the onset of her period. Most women will anticipate the onset of their period according to three methods:

  1. The exact Hebrew date their previous period began (Veset HaChodesh)
  2. The Average 30 day Cycle (Onah Beinonit)
  3. Cycle based on interval of time from one period to the next (Haflaga)

Getting Started on MikvahCalendar.com

1) Enter a Username and Password

Click "Submit"

2) Confirm Your Email

Check your Email for your confirmation code.Enter the Confirmation Code or click on the link in your email to proceed.

3) Choose Your Preferences

a. Choose Your Calendar Theme

b. Enter Your Location

You can do this by:

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c. Choose Your Rabbinic Option

All Rabbis agree that a couple must observe certain important days in relation to a woman's cycle. However, there are various opinions as to the requirements and calculation of these dates and times. Please choose a Rabbinic Option for how to calculate these important dates. Everything will then be calculated automatically. You can also customize the method of calculation by pressing "Custom" to fit exactly as your Rav requires.

d. Choose Which Reminders You Would Like to Receive and How to Receive Those Reminders.

Remember to Verify any secondary email address or cell phone number you enter.Choose your preferred reminder language.

e. Press Submit

Mikvah Calendar Features

1. Instruction Box

Follow the Instructions in this box. You will be told to either:

  1. Click on New Flow or
  2. Click on the Date of Your Successful Hefsek Taharah

There are certain circumstances that do not require a woman to wait the minimum 5 or 4 days before making a Hefsek Taharah. If, after consulting with a Rav, you need not wait the minimum number of days, you can click on the button which appears inside of this box before entering your Hefsek Taharah.

2. Preferences

Click to return to your Preferences. You can change all of your options as well as change your password.

3. Switch to List View

Click here to view a list of all of your cycles.

4. Your Location

You can change your location for your future time calculations. If your city does not appear on this list, you can return to your "Preferences" to enter your zip code or latitude & longitude.

5. Estimated Ovulation

6. Anticipated Flow Bars

Place your mouse over the Anticipated Flow Bar to view how the Anticipated Flow was calculated.

  1. Gold-Average Cycle
  2. Green-Monthly Cycle
  3. Purple-Interval Cycle
  4. Grey-Or Zaruah

7. Anticipated Flow Sidebar

Displays all of your Anticipated Flows in a list.Click on "View Details" to view how the Anticipated Flows were calculated.

8. Date

Place your mouse over the Anticipated Flow Bar to view how the Anticipated Flow was calculated.

  1. a. Press the single arrows to scroll one month at a time
  2. b. Press the double arrows to scroll one year at a time

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